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Certificate of Genuineness for the artwork

Playing baby - sleeping baby

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Press release

Kunsthaus Graz


Playing baby - sleeping baby

18 February - 29 Februay, 2004
10:00 - 20:00

Finissage: Sunday, 29 February
18:00 - 20:00

The medien.kunstlabor at Kunsthaus Graz is delighted to announce the exhibition 'Playing Baby - Sleeping Baby' - a "live-size" installation by the artist trio Über:Morgen (ubermorgen /

Billie-Ada is the playing and sleeping child, permanently visible through the large display windows and by means of a projection on the Internet and on other display windows of the gallery. ;

'Sacrifice - Angel - Human Child'
Joseph Beuys

Über:Morgen is known worldwide for their digital actionism, legal art (F)originals and media-hacking: actions like [V]ote-auction, Nazi~Line in collaboration with C. Schlingensief, Injunction Generator and many more, and through Hans Bernhard's (etoy.HANS) works in the art group etoy (the digital hijack, etoy.TANK-SYSTEM, etoy.SHARES, etoy.TANK-17, the etoy.HOLDING, and many more).

For the first time Über:Morgen transfers its digital communication and action strategies into the central-real space of a gallery/museum under very subtle, deliberately marginalized inclusion of digital media and mass media. The living subject and its object world in direct communication with the viewers. This work shows the organic and harmony-oriented worldview of the young artist couple lizvlx and Hans Bernhard; as well as their six-month-old daughter Billie-Ada.

A look at reality or a family idyll? Social commitment or superficial propaganda? Children's beauty contest or IKEA children's cage?

'Where there are children, there is a golden age'.

--- For additional information please contact Franz Xaver at medien.kunstlabor at Kunsthaus Graz: mailto:fx [at] and / or visit the websites and

CoG Playing baby - sleeping baby

Echtheitszertifikat für Spielendes Baby - Schlafendes Baby