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Picture of mouth and nose mask

State symbols for...

Kosovo flag

The Value of Human Rights – digital_series#no.217241

217241 topic We can see in many countries that people do have a feeling for human rights. But asked for specific rights, the knowledge is mostly limited to keywords like freedom of opinion, human dignity, right of asylum or absence of torture, of persecution and of death penalisation. Even jurists and politicians rarely know how many articles are codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the prototype of human rights conventions. Thereby the list of countries which are counted to preservers of...

11 Heroes of the Modern – digital_series#no.201011

11 black and white scenes with football players

How comfortable was it?

Excerpt from Reenactment in the bathtub

4u2 – Potsdam Conference

Detail from the Harmony picture for the Potsdam Conference