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Black and white image of two people next to a space rocket. One person carries an open laptop on one arm and writes with the other hand, the other person stretches out an arm to explain the world. In 2013, Elon Musk's company SpaceX announced that it was working on a transport system to Mars. Since then, SpaceX has completed numerous development steps, which now hold out the prospect of Mars flights with around 100 people for 2026.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' company Blue Origin also announced in 2016 that it wanted to fly to the moon and Mars...

Legend-C – analogue_series#no.77933

mouth-nose mask Based on the obligation developed in the Covid-19 pandemic to wear a mouth-nose protection in many countries, an upgrade to the work Legend - analogue_series#no.77977 was created. On 2020-07-14 a corresponding certificate to Legend-C - analogue_series#no.77933 was finally formulated and registered on 2020-07-15 by the online service Report of who's afraid of on.. The value of a single license was agreed and set at the amount of € 77.933,-.


Collect fees dishonourable#no.2k201401 is in the tradition of Institutional Critique. It consists of a website, a certificate, a database and email correspondences. Within the certificate, GeheimRat puts up the following statement: "Collecting application fees from the content providers of art exhibitions is a dishonourable act."

The certificate makes a distinction with Spencer-Brown (1969) and serves as a level of reflection. The database lists...

Legend – analogue_series#no.77977

Legend Teaser Legend - analogue_series#no.77977 is an operational research and intervention in the fields of law and art: What protection do newer, artistic forms of work enjoy with reference to article 15, paragraph 1c of the UN Social Covenant? What about the right to one's own image in the context of pervasive photography?
On 07.05.2012 the certificate was finally formulated and notarized on 24.05.2012 in Munich by the notary Dr. Peter Schubert. The value of a single license was agreed to the amount of € 77.977,-.

watch – digital_series#no.2k23131

Observation of the use of time in the judiciary A chain is as strong as its weakest link.

In this artistic-scientific research work the processing times in the judicial system as well as in the official apparatus of the Federal Republic of Germany are more exactly observed and evaluated.
. This may involve a process through all instances, the length of proceedings of only one instance, or statistical publications on specific procedural sequences.

The Value of Human Rights – digital_series#no.217241

217241 topic We can see in many countries that people do have a feeling for human rights. But asked for specific rights, the knowledge is mostly limited to keywords like freedom of opinion, human dignity, right of asylum or absence of torture, of persecution and of death penalisation. Even jurists and politicians rarely know how many articles are codified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the prototype of human rights conventions. Thereby the list of countries which are counted to preservers of human rights is quite long and often there is as well a constitutional...

4u2 – digital_series#no.424243


Within the framework of this artistic-scientific research work, it became apparent that the consideration of harmonious relationships is known in different ways in different cultures. Even though it can be assumed that other aspects, such as appearance, origin, value and moral concepts, body odor, beliefs, social affiliations, etc., can also have an influence on interpersonal relationships, it was possible to identify in many of the systems considered,...

E-Mission Online Dissent Clearing EODC – digital_series#no.102437

EODC Teaser E-Mission Online Dissent Clearing takes care of an international inventory of defensible and accountable dissent clearinghouses.

We award the EODC certificates to persons and/or entities that

• consistently comply with an online-relevant regulation,
• are willing to have this regularly reviewed,...

ADconvert – ADseries#no.143159

Analog Digital Conversion In a research collaboration with who's afraid of on., ADconvert deals with analog-to-digital conversions in the context of...
Article 45 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union
(1) Every citizen of the Union has the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States.
...supplemented by Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, for the Federal Republic of Germany, by Article 11 of the Basic Law.


transparenCI options who's afraid of on. is an international initiative that promotes the analysis, development and shaping of online systematics. In Germany, an association of the same name was founded in spring 2002 and entered in the Hamburg Register of Associations in July. The association acts with the subtitle For developping of justness through online systems and develops justice-promoting measures with artistic and scientific methods. Among other things, the association was able to win the external service Communication Expertise for a valuable expansion of the spectrum according to the statutes.

turnAway-Moments – analogue_series#no.2k0035

turnAway--moment Between 1530 and 1610, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei advocated a breathtakingly new, heliocentric world view. The sun forms the center of the circular (since Kepler elliptical) planetary orbits and also the earth moves around it and is orbited by the moon. So the earth rotates - and even around the sun. Only somehow this conception has hardly managed so far to take a place in our world view.


reentry 1933 bottle label A highly endangered Bocksbeutel from 1933 becomes an artistic work in conjunction with a certificate: "Deconstructing does not mean denying or dismissing, but questioning and – perhaps this is the most important aspect – opening a concept for a reuse or reapplication that has not been authorized before." (retranslated from german) Judith Butler 1993.

turnIn--Moments – analogue_series#no.2k0037

Nicolaus Copernicus and Johannes Kepler Gabriele Fischer, editor-in-chief of the business magazine brandeins, wrote in June 2002: "Believing in something is good. To believe in something against better knowledge, is stagnation." (translated quote)

This describes pointedly that every sunrise and every sunset produces standstill in our minds. And exactly the own one. The sun goes knowingly already since Copernicus, at the latest however since Galileo Galilei no more up and no more down.


general bases general_bases#no.204047 is a processual artistic-scientific research work.

At first it seems to show similarities with the general terms and conditions known from the economic life, in all consequence it represents in its meanwhile more than 18 years of application a concrete intervention and execution of self-determination and personality rights.


2k0023 Email-Containeranalogue_series#no.2k0023 by GeheimRat is an operative form that synthesizes mail art, performance, intervention, net and network art as digital conceptual art and connects to power analyses, specifically on the empowerment and disempowerment of art, subject and digital technology. On March 12, 2003, the processual work undertakes a notarized act of certification of the composition 49_characters, which was copyrighted a few days earlier and which, at first glance, could be address data."

Source: Birte Kleine-Benne: Für eine operative Epistemologie. 2017

embassy 2k

embassy 2k leitmotif ...was founded in South Africa in 2002.
...has a flexible form of organization. applied exploration of the 2k world.
...explores questions for the future.
...supports the exploration of complex systems as well as ethical dimensions in a 2k world.
...considers art as a field of action rather than symbolic representation.

the german apparatus 2k00-2k03#200009

the german apparatus 2k00 to 2k03 stored in a safe The collapse of the New Economy in 2000 reinforced the accusation that structures in the Federal Republic of Germany were immobile and encrusted. There was talk of unsettled consumers and investors, of powerlessness, fearfulness and indifference, of citizens losing confidence in their state. That the civil service structures date back to Bismarck's times, that the state's "mills grind too slowly" and have little to do with modern structural characteristics in the age of globalization, networking and online...