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The Copernican Turnaround

Nikolaus Kopernikus and Johannes Kepler Between 1530 and 1610, Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei advocated a breathtakingly new, heliocentric world view. The sun forms the center of the circular (since Kepler elliptical) planetary orbits and also the earth moves around it and is orbited by the moon. So the earth rotates - and even around the sun. Only somehow this conception has hardly managed so far to take a place in our world view.

The heliocentric world view

Galileo Galilei Gabriele Fischer, editor-in-chief of the business magazine brandeins, wrote in June 2002: "Believing in something is good. To believe in something against better knowledge, is stagnation." (translated quote)

This describes pointedly that every sunrise and every sunset produces standstill in our minds. And exactly the own one. The sun goes knowingly already since Copernicus, at the latest however since Galileo Galilei no more up and no more down.


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