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Representation by the Berlin Parliament

How representative is a  representative democracy?

Deputies survey 11/2007

Dear Mrs/Mr...,

on the occasion of the half-time of the 16th legislative period, I would like to ask you as deputies in the context of the artistic work analogue_series#no.121151 of GeheimRat to comment on the following topic:


First, let me paint a picture for you based on the following 4 benchmarks.

Reference value relations

In addition to this official final result [Pos.1], the following table also shows how the second votes achieved by the parties (the changes due to first votes are not included here for reasons of comparability) relate to those actually entitled to vote [Pos.2], in relation to all Germans [Pos.3] and in relation to all people living in Germany [Pos.4].


Percentages of parties

96,00% of voters

Percentage of voters The Berlin parliament thus represents: 
- 96,00% of voters, 
- 73,42% of eligible voters, 
- 60,41% of Germans and
- 55,06% of people living in Germany.

73,42% of eligible voters

Percentage of eligible voters As a "professional" member of the Bundestag, you should be well aware of this area of tension and so I would like to ask you on behalf of GeheimRat for your comment, your...

60,41% of Germans

Percentage of Germans ...personal assessment of this picture (whether briefly or extensively is to be left up to you). It is planned to publish the feedback (if desired also anonymized) in the context of this processual work selected,...

55,06% of the people living in Germany

Percentage of people living in Germany order to make also a transparency contribution for the better understanding and the acceptance of democratic systematics in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Awaiting your feedback, best regards,

How many deputies came forward?

What do you think?
198 0
27 4