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dishonourable#no.2k201401 – Certificate

Certificate of work 2k201401

Text of certificate


This is to certify that GeheimRat art-work
evidenced by this certificate is authentic.

Collecting application fees
from the content providers of art exhibitions
is a dishonourable act.

This certification is a licence relevant signature of the art-work. The certificate holder
#Nr.. 00/2014 - 2k201401
\_ name/surname o. company, e-mail, fax

has the non-exclusive licence to copy and multiply the artwork for a period of 3 month. Any copying or multiplying result has to be marked with the author's name and the copyright-sign ©. Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.

certified by (Signature)

© GeheimRat, 2014-12-02 (date)

NOMINAL VALUE: € 4.800,-
Deed Register 201401/2014
Dep. Report, who's afraid of on.
2014-12-02 for 0-No. online_fax +49.3212.1031-053
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